“For knowing where one belongs makes ordinary people – hardworking, competent, but mediocre otherwise – into outstanding performers.”
-Peter F. Drucker

When interpersonal dynamics contribute to organizational underperformance, consultation with a psychologist can help an organization stay on track.  Dr. Rothschild provides direct engagement of the complex people-issues that occur in the work place.   His orientation is based in the science that personality traits predict knowledge acquisition, motivation, and performance, and in the philosophy that functional interpersonal dynamics contribute to business success.  Simply, employee attitude, performance, and cohesion help determine if a given company’s bottom line will be one of success or failure.

As a psychologist, Louis brings professional insight in regard to the human dynamics effecting role, style, motives, and personality at the individual and group level.  His onsite consultation helps leaders and teams take on situations such as helping individuals become more self-aware in order to increase their ability to strengthen essential relationships, and thereby increasing organizational flow and subsequently, the development of a healthier organization.

With skill sets honed in his work as a psychotherapist, Louis is accustomed to facilitating situations that require process consultation and collaborative inquiry due to their delicate nature.  He utilizes his clinical skills to evaluate not only an individual client but to assess the organizational context and culture in order to tailor his approach to meet both his client’s needs and the organization’s goals.

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